Grow with us


SUNCITY's developer will provide state-of-the art facilities to ensure their goal of creating a First Class Residential Community. Facilities to be provided and infrastructural provisions to be made include.

Recreational Park & Sports Complex

The Suncity development will host a central sports complex, where the community can practice a healthy lifestyle, entertain themselves with their hobbies, hold recreational activities and much more.

The Central Sports Complex will feature:
  • Main Fotball Field
  • Practice Fotball Field
  • Athletic Tracks
  • Indoor BasketBall Court
  • Tennis Courts
  • Arena Seating Pavillion
  • Swimming Pool
......making it a fun place for all to enjoy....

Green Areas

The Suncity community will enjoy nature at their door step as the site will be surrounded by tranquil, lush green areas and parks. Great care has been taken to select a wide range of plants, flowers and trees to provide a harmonious environment for all to enjoy. The beautiful landscaped surroundings will truly inspire those with a green fingers to perhaps take up gardening

Public Facilities

Public facilities - the core of every community, will serve the residents of Suncity, providing convenient and accessible services to serve the security, health, educational and day- to-day needs of the public.

  • Police Stations
  • Fire Service
  • Schools
  • Clinics
  • Post Office
  • Libraries and Book stores

Cinema Complex

The complex will be situated in central part (Village 3) of the Suncity Development.

The theatre will feature state-of-the-art sound equipment and an 18-feet high curved screen in each theatre.

It will contain theater and cinematheque halls and space for holding exhibitions and marketing cultural products.

Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall will host local and foreign retailers, offering a wide selection of products and services, serving the needs of the community.

The magnificent architecture, retail space and offerings will offer the consumer everyday convenience, meet high expectations and offer a great retail experience.

Places of Worship

The Master Planned Development will include Places of Worship suitably located within a close proximity of other public facilities in Suncity.

Paved Roads

Every route, street, neighbourhood in Suncity will be paved and provide smooth access roads to your home.


The electricity supply system will be incorporated underground, providing a high-tech, seamless and secure supply of energy.

Stand-by power generating plants will be provided in the event of power outage, to maintain the contant energy supply.

Potable Water

The Shai Hills area has direct and constant supply of quality water.